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Category: outdoor cooking

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Time To Think About Outdoors

I realize it is just the end of January but it is time to plan ahead I believe. I love the outdoors and can’t wait to get started on my garden and firing up the grill again.

I have used my smoker a few times this winter, but I did not like to babysit it too much in cold weather and adjust the air vents all the time with temperature fluctuations outside.

z grills pellet smoker

My plan for this year

I have been thinking hard and long about this and I think I will invest in a pellet grill this year. To be honest I have found a brand already but I will tell you how I came up with the Z-grill brand.

I actually started reading reviews and doing research a few months ago. I had a few things included in my research and one of them was of course the price.

It is easy to find a pellet grill if you don’t have to watch how much you will spend on it. Unfortunately, that is not the case in my situation.

How I approached my search for a pellet grill

Since it is hard to get to the store and have a look at all the brands simply because most stores only carry one or maybe a few brands, I had to go online as most people do nowadays.

When I typed into the Google search box “pellet grill reviews” I was at first overwhelmed with the results. After reading a few of these reviews I found out what the most popular brands are and also what the more affordable ones are.

I found that the Traeger was a pretty good brand but I found out something else. The Z-grills were built in the same factory and basically, they are of the same quality according to some of the websites I found.

I found a really good review when I typed into Google, “Z- grills reviews” and found this page that was written very well and left nothing out.

What did I base my choice on

As I mentioned before I had a few wishes like the size and the number of temperature probes that I think I needed to smoke my food the way I think it should be done.

The second thing that I needed to keep in mind was the price. The Z-grills are in the price range that was even a little lower than I had in mind. But since I read all about the quality I decided not spend more than needed.

So l made my final choice in what brand I would go for. Now all I have to do is narrow it down to the model that would fit my other needs.

Since I like to cook for friends and family and hope we can start doing that again this year I choose for the large 700 square inches 7002 model. Since I spend less on the Z grills brand was no able to purchase a smoker with a bigger square inches.

my z grill 7002 pellet smoker

now all I have to do is wait for delivery and put it together. I read that the assembly is fairly easy and you do not need any complicated tools.

As soon as I have it up and running I will write my own Z-grills review here on my website.

Linda mack

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