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I Love To Snack

bowl with snacks on a table with 5 hands reaching for it.

I know there is plenty of advice on snacking and that you should not do it. However, most of us do it anyway and I believe that not all snacks are created equal just to use a popular phrase.

We all know that sugar in excess, just like anything else, is not good and unfortunately most snacks and candy contain a lot of sugar.

But I have to be honest and confess that I like to snack in between meals. Not that I have to eat in between meals as suggested by some doctors. But a snack gives me a little boost when I get a little low on energy in the afternoon and supper is still far away.

I also like to have a snack while reading or watching TV at night after busy day.

What I snack on?

As much as I would like to write here that I only snack on fruit and other healthy snacks I have to admit that that is not the case. I have been looking at other options and that is what I will be writing about here and I hope that it will help others to find better options than sugar-loaded snacks.

What I found out

I found out that there are many online snack boxes that you can order and have shipped to your house or even to your place of work like your office.

This made me do a lot of online searching to find a company that would help me in finding snacks I like to have.

To make it short and sweet I found this page about Universal Yums and I think I like this one.

As the name of the company already gives it away this is a universal snack box and in this case, it means that they send you snacks from all over the world.

They come in a box from a specific county and since I love to try new flavors this is a great option for me and I can’t wait to get the first box and write about it.

My Snacking habits

desk with coffee and a plate of white chocolate.

As I mentioned earlier I like to snack at different times of the day and not because I am hungry but because I am getting a little low on energy.

Many people would drink a cup of coffee or drink an energy drink. I do not drink coffee later in the day since it keeps me awake at night. For the same reason, I don’t use energy drinks since they contain in most cases a lot of caffeine.

I like to snack on dark chocolate. I read in several publications that it is better than milk chocolate.

What I am changing

Not only am I changing to the Universal Yums box because they have more healthy choices in it but I also decide to start using fruit as a snack and a way to boost my afternoon dip.

This means that I might use fruit in the afternoon and see how that helps me and some other international snacks at night from my new box.

The reason I will start doing this at night is that I am more relaxed and will be able to enjoy it more. At work, I have to stay focused and this makes it hard to enjoy it.

I will try this for a month and see how this new snacking planning will work out for me and if it helps with cutting down on the unhealthy snacks and slowly move to eat more fruit and healthier snacks.

let me know about your snacking habits and we can learn from each other.

Linda Mack

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