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Going To The Beach With Seniors

beach view

I am a family person and spend a lot of time with my older family members and one of the things we like to do is go to the beach.

A while ago one of my elderly relatives started using a rollator to help her keep her balance after a hip replacement.

Problem with rollator on the beach

The first time we went to to the beach with that rollator made us realize that using a regular rollator on the beach is almost impossible.

One of the main problems is not getting to the beach but walking from the boulevard to the ocean. The sand does not make it easy to use her normal rollator and we had to pick it up and help her walk to the ocean by holding her by the arm.

As I am always looking for ways to make life easier I did what I always do. After I got home I fired up the computer and started looking for solutions.

I found a website that specializes in product reviews for seniors and that is where I found information about a thing called beach rollator.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there even was a thing like that and that they work on the beach and also on surfaces like gravel.

What is a Beach Rollator

There is not too much difference between a regular rollator and a beach rollator. The biggest difference is in the wheels.

A regular rollator comes with small wheels and they are not made for surfaces like sand and gravel. Unless you are strong enough to push real hard and let’s be honest that most people who use a rollator do not have that strength.

A beach rollator solves that problem by having larger wheels and this makes the difference.

These wheels do not sink in the sand and this is also because they are not just larger in diameter but also wider and that gives more support.

My experience with a beach rollator

After doing all my research I did for the problem with a regular rollator and the beach and finding the beach rollator as the best solution I had to find one.

After shopping online I found a few thanks to the article I mentioned earlier. The price was, however, a little steep for that moment.

I found that at some of the more popular beaches you sometimes have the option to rent a beach rollator for the day or sometimes even by the hour.

This was a great way of testing if this was the best solution for my older relative.

This was a perfect solution and it worked great. Walking from the boulevard to the ocean was still not as easy as without a rollator of course. But it was actually fairly easy to do.

After this, we decided to buy one since we do spend a lot of time at the beach and it would pay in the long run compared to renting.


A video of a beach rollator can probably explain it better then I can.

The other advantage was that you can take it apart and this makes it easy to get it in and out of the car for transportation.

We have used it now for a whole season and do not use it only on the beach but also for walks in the park where they have some gravel paths to walk on.

All together I think it might be worth it for many people to invest in a beach rollator especially when you like to stay mobile and not like to be restricted because of a regular walker.

Linda Mack


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