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Are cheap grills worth the money?

Read here why you should start with a quality grill for your outdoor cooking and not a cheap one!

Time To Think About Outdoors

It was time to start thinking about outdoor and I was in the market for a pellet grill this year. Here you can read my search for them.

I Love To Snack

Snacking is something most of us like to do. Here you can read my tips and advise and how I handle some new options to eat better snacks.

Get Rid Of Weeds Naturally

When you have invested in time and effort to have a beautiful terrace or a lawn, to enjoy a moment of calm and relaxation, the sight of weeds above can make you lose your mind! If you’re struggling to get rid of its herbs that are making your life difficult, check out some of the [more…]

Best Place For Security Lights

There are only three points to remember when it comes to mastering outdoor lighting. We call them the three S’s: Safety, Security, and Seductive. Safety, because good lighting will prevent you from breaking your neck (be careful of this). Security, because it will discourage thieves and the bogeyman (who will no longer have a dark [more…]

How To Get Started With Vegetable Gardening

Whatever your motivation, the pride of producing your own vegetables, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, to find a moment of sharing with family or friends, or even the desire to return to nature, the pleasure of cooking good products, to decompress, even to spend time gardening, cultivating your vegetable garden brings many satisfactions. When To [more…]